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A Probate Attorney Who Will Stand By Your Side

The loss of a loved one is a tremendously challenging time. When you are facing the daunting step of sorting through legal and estate matters, you may understandably feel overwhelmed. You don’t have to face the probate process alone.

I’m probate lawyer Jesse D. Bergwerff, the founder of Parakletos Law PLC in Hudsonville. I approach the probate process with sensitivity and a commitment to honoring your loved one’s intentions.

Parakletos Law was founded with the mission to serve you with compassion and care, especially during times of grief. As a father, husband and lawyer, I understand the importance of family and the comfort that comes from knowing someone is by your side. The practice stands on my strong Christian faith, which calls me to connect personally with each client, listen to their stories and serve as a steadfast advocate during their time of need.

My Approach To Probate And Estate Administration

During these challenging times, you can rely on me to address your concerns with compassion and care. Here are my commitments to you:

  • I will respect and uphold the final wishes of your loved one. I will work to ensure that assets are distributed according to their estate planning directives.
  • I will assist in the entire process, including settling any outstanding debts or claims against the estate.
  • I will work diligently to protect the interests of the estate’s beneficiaries.
  • I strive to facilitate a cooperative environment where families can work together during the probate process.

You can lean on my thorough understanding of Michigan estate law as you navigate the questions and uncertainties of the probate process.

Take The First Step On The Journey Toward Honoring Your Loved One’s Wishes

The probate journey can be complex, but you don’t have to undertake it without support. I am here to guide you through each step with empathy and professionalism.

Reach out to me today at 616-271-0811. I will work collaboratively with you to ensure your loved one’s wishes are fulfilled with the care and respect they deserve.