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Understanding “Parakletos”: Unpacking the Profound Meaning of a Greek Term.

| Feb 28, 2024 | Firm News

In a world full of discussions, the words that are used carry deep and profound meanings.  One such word is “Parakletos.” (Pronounced Para·Clee·Toes).  Derived from Greek law, the term has significant implications in various contexts.  This post will uncover the rich and multifaceted meaning of “Parakletos.”

The term basically means “the advocate” or “the one who walks beside.”  To fully grasp the meaning of this compound word, we must first understand its component parts.  “Para” means ‘beside’ and the simplified English transliteration of “Kletos” means ‘to call or invite.’  This is what lays the foundation for the interpretation of the term as a whole.

The Advocate. One of the most well-known translations of Parakletos is the “Advocate.”  In legal terms, an advocate is someone who pleads on behalf of another, offering assistance, counsel, and defense.  In a spiritual context, Parakletos is seen as the divine advocate who intercedes on behalf of believers, offering guidance and help in their faith journey.

The Comforter. Another well-known interpretation is the “Comforter.”  This emphasizes the role of an attorney or counselor who provides solace and support in challenging times.  In this context, it represents the idea of someone walking beside us to help guide us through that which we do not otherwise understand – and through what can be some of the more challenging times in our lives.

The Encourager. In some contexts, the term can be understood as the “Encourager.”  This highlights the role of an uplifter, inspirational, and motivating person who helps someone toward their ultimate goals.

Parakletos is a term that encompasses a wide range of profound meanings, including Advocate, Comforter, and Encourager.  Regardless of the context in which it is used, its essence remains consistent – that of a compassionate and empowering person who walks beside you on your life’s journey.  That’s what Parakletos Law is – a compassionate and empowering law firm that walks with you on your life’s journey; we champion your life goals, plead on your behalf, and offer counsel and assistance.

Jesse Bergwerff